Sunday, 15 February 2009

Baggy Sailor

Im not really sure what calling this post "baggy sailor" is saying about my fashion ect but i figure it was a funny look.

More often that not everything in SL is skin tight so its nice when a new line comes out that has tackled this. Keeping this all about shape i opted out of many accessorise really only with the baggy socks and the head bow. Its spring so cue the nautical trend. Ill get sick of it one day promise :)

Baggy Sailor

Sorry for now close up, but you know what my mug looks like i guess.

Skin: LeLukata- London, Revolution 1B
Lashes: Cake, Bedroom
Hair: Vintage Wear, Runway Compound
Eyes: Poetic Colour, Frozen Night

Skirt: Manatee/Twee, Scalleeeewag Blue
Socks: Shiny Things, Slouch Socks Silver (tinted)
Top:Maitreya, Strapless Satine Red

Shoes: Armidi Gisaci, Barcelona Slingback in Prussian Blue
Head Bow: Vintage Wear, Fashion Pop Head Bow (tinted)

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Shirt Challenge

Shirt Challange

Better Late than never i guess?

This could be called my hard bitch look, with shiny undertones....?


Skin: LeLukata/MMS , London Light 1b
Eyes: Glanz, Mid Fresh Blue
Hair: Kyoot,Hot Mess Silver

Shirt: Armidi, Cambridge Aufren White
Leggins: M*A*ii*K*I, Long Black
Fur Jacket: Schadenfreude, Cropped black fur Coat
Suspenders: Pig, Simple black Suspenders

Shoes: Tesla, Hylda Boot Snake skin Black
Gloves: Candy Nail, Finger Gloves Red
Ring: Paper Courture: Diamond encrusted square cut amethyst ring

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Muted Harlequin

Its all in the tights i tells you!

I loved the Harlequin inspired fashion that was on the RL high streets this winter (particularly the sequined shorts in topshop <3)

muted quin body

This was me channeling the look today. I'm in love with tights and these from rosso make a welcome addition to my over stuffed inventory. This store is great, everything is very very cheap (about 5l for tights, 30l for clothes). I also gave in and got a fatpack of Leona skins. I know the feeds have been flooded with images and i apologize in a way. Normally i wouldn't jump on the skin bandwagon. But the face on these is really wonderful. I do with they had more adventurous make-ups, a Cat eye? maybe brighter lip colours too.

I dug out my old favorite shoes as well for this look. Id have these glued to my feet in RL if i could walk in a pair like these. Tesla if your listening THE WORLD NEEDS MORE COLOURS OF THESE.

muted quin head

What am i wearing?

Skin:Redgrave, Leona soft pink pale
Hair:Excile, Love Song, artic
Eyes:Decollage, Dreamers eyes (no longer available)
Nails:Candy Nail, Basic Black

Tutu Dress:Church of Lux, Mouse tutu (tinted the prim darker)
Tights:Rosso, Colourful Reggins (cost like 5l)
Shoes:Tesla, Athena in Black
Neck Peice:Bare Rose, from the Miss Quin outfit

Cigarette:Artillie, Magic 8 Ball Cigarette
Glasses:VintageWear, Over sized Frames


P.S check in with dr phill on my blog page, his daily insights make the world just a bit more fuzzy. (top right corner)

Sunday, 25 January 2009

I felt i needed to respond

SL deer

Now whilst i didn't dress up as a bunny this week, i did feel i should respond.

Its satire Y'all....

<3 Marni

Friday, 9 January 2009

Lifes such a Drag..

I personally have always been of the opinion, fashion isn't pretty. Fashion and beauty are in fact polar opposites. I like to play around a bit more than that.

Draging Colour_001 copy

These lashes from ZsaZsa'z last release needed something out there and fun. While you might have to turn you brightness down on your screen for this outfit. I think its fun.
Also while i did have a few paragraphs written, blogger just ate them so here are the credits.....

Draging Colour_003

Skin: MMS, London Pale 10b
Hair: MMS, Jean in Snp
Lashes: ZsaZsa'a, Flamingo Dots

Cake hat: Hbox, yellow choc
Shoes: Armidi, Dehlia Pumps in Cerise
Gloves (both Pair): Fluer, Lemon and Electric
Body Suit: Michami, In nude (tinted)
Tights: Garden, pop in black

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Meow im a cat?

Lions Skins has launched a new line. I had the pleasure of preview some of there skins (and like an awful blogger am running late on my commentary.)

I didn't want this to be a pointing out all the points in a skin, people can find those out for theme selves buy demoing the product. I did how ever fall in love with this makeup! I love the contrast of the Aqua and Yellow, its also not symmetrical which makes for all the more interesting.

Lion Skins to me is a newish brand and im really excited by this last release. With over 40 diffrent makeups in each tone theres somthing for everyone from wild and excentric to classic and demure.

Lion Skin Reciewoutfit

I went a bit mad i think on trying to match colours >.< href="" title="Close Up by marni.grut, on Flickr">Close Up

Skin:Lion Skins, SU Pale 30 B
Eyes:Les Nior, azul
Hair:Ayak@mi, Slender in Carbon black (closest to grey!)

Neck Peice:AOHARU,Flower Chiffon in Soft Blue
Tank:Michmi, Black Tank
Skirt:AOHARU, Chiffon Ruffel Yellow and black

Gloves:Fleur, Aqua long gloves
Shoes:Tesla, High Oxfords Aqua

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Friday, 26 December 2008

Candy Brights and Pop-up books

The Old Turnip Look One

I'm bored of cheap and cheerful
I want expensive sadness
hospital bills, parole
open doors to madness

New blog in an almost new year! I'm sure i have lots of insightful things to say (yer right). This blogs all about being more experimental but this first looks kinda of a staple "me" look. Lots of clashing colour and well more clashing colour.

The Old Turnip Details

Its defiantly very child like with the bight bow and bright tights. The necklace is one of the vast area of colours Mariya did as presents yonkers back for people, id like to start a little campaign to make her release them.

What am i Wearing?

Hair- 69, Fishbone Hair (beret removed) in Pearl
Lashes- Cake, Bedroom Lashes
Skin-MMS, London Pale 2b
Eyes- Dp, Mooney Eyes classics in Navy

Shorts-Cashmere, Relic
Ring-Earthtones, Han Hana Ring blue/green
Bow-Veschi, Bow from Post-resolution Dress modded and worn on head
Tights-Viva La Glam, Light Tone (tinted)
Shoes- Kitties Layer, Peep Toe pumps in Pink Metal
Shirt- Cube Suger, White shirt
Gloves-Fleur, Bright Pack medium in Cerulean
Necklace-Svart(Mariya Nesiote), Chunky Dory Necklace for chocolat