Friday, 9 January 2009

Lifes such a Drag..

I personally have always been of the opinion, fashion isn't pretty. Fashion and beauty are in fact polar opposites. I like to play around a bit more than that.

Draging Colour_001 copy

These lashes from ZsaZsa'z last release needed something out there and fun. While you might have to turn you brightness down on your screen for this outfit. I think its fun.
Also while i did have a few paragraphs written, blogger just ate them so here are the credits.....

Draging Colour_003

Skin: MMS, London Pale 10b
Hair: MMS, Jean in Snp
Lashes: ZsaZsa'a, Flamingo Dots

Cake hat: Hbox, yellow choc
Shoes: Armidi, Dehlia Pumps in Cerise
Gloves (both Pair): Fluer, Lemon and Electric
Body Suit: Michami, In nude (tinted)
Tights: Garden, pop in black


  1. I have always loved your style! And... I am so curious: how did you manage to wear 2 gloves?

    - Ana Lutetia -

  2. the magic of asking ros for them on an undershirt :P

  3. You've injected some much needed colour into this drab season. It's constantly raining here and this outfit cheered me up :)

  4. You look fabulouso dahhhling :)) Loving those lashes real hard <3

  5. Of course fashion can be pretty! 'Inventive' and 'unusual' do not necessarily preclude 'pretty'! I like everything to be pretty. Fashion for me has always been more about history than anything else.

    If it were ugly or banal why would anyone want to look at it?

  6. @ LO:

    I can think of a few designers who's work cant be called pritty. Margellia namely i don't think could ever be called pritty. His harsh shapes and structure mixed with bleak tones and textures could be called unusual but defiantly not pretty.

    Yes there is still the need for aesthetics in some fashion but designer who use it as art don't have to be pretty. Does art have to be pretty? could a Francis Bacon painting ever be pretty? Self deprecation and pig tails....?