Thursday, 29 January 2009

Muted Harlequin

Its all in the tights i tells you!

I loved the Harlequin inspired fashion that was on the RL high streets this winter (particularly the sequined shorts in topshop <3)

muted quin body

This was me channeling the look today. I'm in love with tights and these from rosso make a welcome addition to my over stuffed inventory. This store is great, everything is very very cheap (about 5l for tights, 30l for clothes). I also gave in and got a fatpack of Leona skins. I know the feeds have been flooded with images and i apologize in a way. Normally i wouldn't jump on the skin bandwagon. But the face on these is really wonderful. I do with they had more adventurous make-ups, a Cat eye? maybe brighter lip colours too.

I dug out my old favorite shoes as well for this look. Id have these glued to my feet in RL if i could walk in a pair like these. Tesla if your listening THE WORLD NEEDS MORE COLOURS OF THESE.

muted quin head

What am i wearing?

Skin:Redgrave, Leona soft pink pale
Hair:Excile, Love Song, artic
Eyes:Decollage, Dreamers eyes (no longer available)
Nails:Candy Nail, Basic Black

Tutu Dress:Church of Lux, Mouse tutu (tinted the prim darker)
Tights:Rosso, Colourful Reggins (cost like 5l)
Shoes:Tesla, Athena in Black
Neck Peice:Bare Rose, from the Miss Quin outfit

Cigarette:Artillie, Magic 8 Ball Cigarette
Glasses:VintageWear, Over sized Frames


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  1. where's rosso? i can't find it in search and i neeed to!

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  3. very good inspiration!
    xoxo from France